Rocks or Pointed Sticks

Yikes! Over two weeks since I’ve posted any news… Don’t worry, I’m still alive. And nobody has missed much anyway. I worked a lot, spent a few days not working because of allergies or the flu or something, the Dallas Symphony season has started (the first performance was great the second one not so great). That’s about it. Not much to show for two weeks, huh?

While the last two weeks haven’t been that interesting for me, there’s plenty of news from the rest of the world. The weather here in Texas went from 90 degrees to 40 degress overnight last Friday due to some freak cold front. Cold weather in October is unexpected and just plain weird. I not sure if it’s due to the 11 year sun cycle that’s peaking this year, global warming, or one of those James Bond type villains with a fluffy white cat and a weather machine.

Red Hat released version 7 of their Linux distribution. I received my CD from them Monday but will probably just try it out on a development box until 7.1 or 7.2 is out. For some reason they didn’t bother releasing the Sparc version along with the Intel version this time. There were rumours they’d dropped Sparc support but when I called Red Hat, they said it would be back when 7.1 shipped so who knows.

Looks like after a brief outbreak of peace, everyone in the Middle East is back at their usual occupation of trying kill each other. You’d think they’d get tired of it after a couple of thousand years. Makes me relatively glad to live in the US. Over here a “race issue” is worrying about whether or not people of different races can get jobs or enrolled in school with equal ease. In a lot of the world, it seems the biggest race issue is deciding whether to use rocks or pointed sticks to kill each other.