Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Nadsat

Susan and I attended our first performance of the DSO season last night. The works performed included Fanfare: Legacies of Honor by Bert Truax, a member of the DSO’s trumpet section. This piece was commissioned by West Point for use in the US Military Academy’s Bicentennial in 2002. This was followed by Beethoven’s Fantasia in C Minor for Piano, Chorus, and Orchestra, Op 80. I had never heard this piece and, while I generally loathe piano works, this wasn’t too bad at all. The final piece was Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. The 9th is without question my favorite of the Beethoven works and the DSO did a reasonably good performance of it (better than many I’ve heard). Of course, thanks to Kubrick, it’s impossible to hear the 9th without remembering his film of Anthony Burgess’s book, A Clockwork Orange, and the Walter Carlos version of the 9th that was included in the soundtrack. (ummm… okay, the artist formerly known as Walter Carlos.) Well, my droogs, without a bit of rabbit I can’t prod the pretty polly. So, I’ll have to itty and ookadeet for now. (had to get in at least a bit of Nadsat!)

In other news, we’ve moved back up to third place on the SETI@Home Team Slashdot list.