Crazy Connector Revealed

I finally got my cable assembly for the Kyocera LCD panel working. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t work at all – I’m no expert when it comes to the use of a soldering iron and there are 27mhz signals going through my completely unshielded mess of wiring and a cheap perf-board. But it actually does work! I was so impressed I got Randy to snap a few pictures of it. If you’re bored, have a look:

Above are twol pics of the perf-board that connects the two ribbon cables. The blue 50 pin cable goes to a mezzanine LCD controller in the Ziatech box. The grey 31 pin cable goes to the Kyocera LCD panel. The little black pot at the center of the perf-board adjusts the LCD contrast.

Above is the whole setup. The Black box is the Ziatech STD100 unit, the tiny green board on far right is an inverter that provides 1200vac for the LCD backlight, and that little board to the left of the LCD panel is the touch-screen controller.

The whole setup from a different angle. To give you an idea of the scale, the LCD panel is 7.2″ diagonal.

And that’s me messing with the hardware.