Dream Recursion

I had a recursive dream last night. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before. I went to sleep in my own house and dreamed (dream level 1) that I was on a business trip and staying in a hotel room. I went to sleep in the hotel bed and dreamed (dream level 2) that I was at a party. I became tired at the party and was led to a bedroom where I slept, dreaming (dream level 3) that I was in my office coding while someone stood beside my desk playing an electric guitar. I somehow became aware (in dream level 2) that this (dream level 3) was a dream and began listening to the guitarist, noticing how good the audio response was and wondering how my brain was able to produce such a good guitar solo in a dream when I can barely put two notes together in real life. Suddenly I woke up back in the bedroom in the house where the party was (return to dream level 2) and decided to leave the party. As I opened the front door to leave I was awakened in the hotel room (return to dream level 1) by someone saying that I was having a bad dream and should wake up. As I sat up on the bed in the hotel room, I awoke in my bed back in the real world. My first thought on realizing what happened was wondering how many recursive realties I could push onto the stack before my brain had a stack overflow and dumped core.

In other, unrelated news, I set up an LDAP server yesterday. Actually, I just had to configure it – this was on a Red Hat 6.2 system and OpenLDAP comes already installed. It was much easier than expected. I’ll be spending a few days trying some experiments with Samba to see if I can get it working with LDAP. I was hoping to find some sort of web interface that would allow users to edit their LDAP entries but, other than a couple that allow users to change their passwords, their isn’t much out there yet.