Three Reptiles and a Gato

The weather has improved a bit here in TX. Now that the spring rains seem to have stopped, Susan and I have been able to resume our habitual late-night walks. The neighborhood wildlife count for last nights walk: three reptiles. A sleeping green anole in a tree, a mediterranean gecko out for a nocturnal snack, and a small rough earth snake that had been lying on the sidewalk to catch the last of the evening heat and must have gone to sleep. We woke it up and it slithered away into the grass.

Meanwhile, online, Advogato was host to a lengthy debate that started out being about what sort of community certification metrics were best and ended up being a flame war about politically correct labels for the certification levels. I posted my two cents on the certiciation issue. The end result? It looks like Advogato will stick with the existing certification system for now. And I got two more certifications – one Journeyor and one apprentice – apparently from people who read my article. Duff, one of the users who gave me a cert posted his reasons in his diary. This was kind of cool as it’s the first time I’ve actually known what motivated someone to certify me. (thanks duff!). My own certification system is that I only give certifications to people I know well (there aren’t any on advogato yet), people who have a well known reputation (like alan or miquel), and people who certify me, if there is enough information on their advogato page to make an educated guess at their level (like flaggz or kelly).

I noticed that ALSA 0.5.7 is out today. This should have the MIDI patches as well as a few other bug fixes. It will probably be late next week before I get a chance to try it out.

Amphibian Update

Okay, time for an amphibian update. If it’s 3am and you think you’re hearing Chorus Frogs, you’re probably hearing Gulf Coast Toads. They don’t sound even remotely alike so you have to be really tired to make these sorts of mistakes. Anyway, the Gulf Coast Toads sound like this. If your browser can’t play aiff files, try saving it to disk and using some other sound player.

Anole Feeding Time

This morning, the anole who manages the territory in the front of our house was out surveying his domain and bobbing his head at us. He was brave enough to eat out of my hand. If I haven’t mentioned it before, there’s a nice picture of him over on Susan’s home page that I shot a couple of weeks ago. After lunch I stopped by the office to finish beating the Sony VAIO into submission. It’s now as stable as it’s ever likely to be. This afternoon we had another go at swimming and I managed about 30% more laps than last time. Now it’s off to read a few chapters of the O’Reilly Perl Cookbook