New Micros TiniArm 2131 Woes is now happily running on CentOS 4.1 and Apache 2. I’ve posted the source and changelog to the new mod_virgule code. Hmmm… what’s next?.

I ran into trouble with the TiniArm 2131 board. The recommended flash programmer is proprietary software from Philips that only runs on Windows. After a little searching online, I found lpc21isp written by Martin Maurer that compiles on Linux and might work, however it’s not licensed under a Free Software or Open Source license. I don’t understand people who release copyrighted source code without some sort of a clear license defining how you’re allow to use their code. In this case, I skipped it and moved on. Then I discovered that Paul Stoffregen had written a GTK+ based flash programmer for the Philips line of ARM processors called lpc2k_pgm. It’s licensed under the GNU GPL and it compiles and runs just fine on my Fedora-based laptop. Unfortunately, it doesn’t yet support the LCP2131 chip. I don’t have the time to add support so I emailed Paul and New Micros. They’re going to loan him a board in exchange for adding support to his software. That’s good news even if it means my TiniARM experiments will be on hold for a little while.