Number One on Seti@HOME Again

WooHoo! I’m number one on the Seti@HOME Team Slashdot stats again. Another 15 minutes of fame… Even though there are only a few boxes left here running the Seti@HOME software, I still check in on my stats every once in a while. Most of the people on Team Slashdot gave up long ago and I’ve been slowly moving up through the ranks. But I’m still falling farther behind all the time in the overall stats. I got as high 300th or so back when we had dozens of machines working on it but as more of the machines here went back to doing real work I’ve fallen to about 900th. Looks like Team Slashdot has fallen quite a ways in the Club stats too – they used to be number one.

A friend emailed me a link to Vigor today. Wow! now vi users can have an annoying Microsoft-like talking paperclip hopping around their Linux desktop. I don’t even use vi, so I found it particularly helpful when it offered messages such as “Are you sure you want to move the cursor left?”. And if you try to kill it, the response is “Are you sure you don’t want to close the Vigor assistant? Ok/Cancel”. Now, if they could just add a feature that would generate the BSOD randomly, I wouldn’t need Windows at all anymore.