All-Con 2009

All-Con 2009

Cylons and other robots converged on Dallas, Texas this week for the annual All-Con science fiction convention. I joined other members of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group to do demonstrations of our robots. We ran line-following races with the 3pi robots. We hosted a “robot petting zoo” for kids to get hands on with real robots.

We got to hang out with Aaron Douglas, who plays a robot on the Battlestar Galactica remake. We saw lots of robots among the local cosplayers including a really fun Starscream Transformer. There were also some nice static, life-size replicas of hollywood robots created by local builder Jerry Chevalier.

And when we weren’t demonstrating robots we got to have fun with the derby girls of Assassination City and the Lollie Bombs burlesque girls, some of whom turned out to be robot geeks likes us.

Check out the mini-album above or go visit the full-size pics in my All-Con 2009 Flickr album to see all the cool stuff.

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