Photos and a Chunk Exploit

My friend, Robert, from Colorado sent me some photos of Colorado Springs showing all the smoke in the air from the Hayman fire.

And the photos from the DFW Mozilla Release party finally turned up. I’m in the group shot and there’s also a shot of me with Susan. Thanks to Bob Zoller for being the official photographer. We still need names for a couple of the individual shots and anyone in the group shot that isn’t named elsewhere. If you can identify any of the anonymous Mozilla supporters email Bob.

The only other news today is that I spent a lot of time upgrading Apache on our servers because of the chunk handling vulnerability. Working exploit code was posted on Bugtraq this morning, so I thought it might be a good idea to upgrade as soon as possible. We run Ximian Red Carpet on several of our machines and it makes installing all the latest versions of stuff really fast and painless most of the time. But when I fired up Red Carpet on the first server, it segfaulted during startup while connecting to Ximian. It did the same thing on the second server I tried it on. And on the third, fourth, fifth… Something must have been hosed up at Ximian that was causing all the Red Carpet clients to die. I filed a bug on it at Ximian (bad things happening at the server end are no excuse for the client to crash!). Looks like everyone else was busy filing the same bug and there were quite a few dupes by the end of the day. Anyway, I figured out a workaround to get Red Carpet working again and eventually got all our servers updated.